Here are  links and further reading related to the topics in my ”Activity booklet for people suffering from stress”.

Unfortunately, most of these resources are in Swedish at the moment. Please feel free to email me on if you have any specific questions about any of the topics.


Further Reading and Links

1. How close to the wall are you?

  • There is an online version of the KEDS test at


2. Drop the phone and daydream


3. Conduct a meeting with yourself


4. Follow your natural energy


5. Defend yourself with excercise

  • Read my Swedish article abouyt longing for a healthier life.
  • Read the Swedish book ”Hjärnstark : Hur motion och träning stärker din hjärna” by Anders Hansen (can be found at Bokus and Adlibris)


6. Magic away your energy thieves


7. Take control of the communication channels


8. Become friends with your bed

  • Read about sleep in the Swedish sleep school, by The Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University.


9. Build a healthy self-esteem

  • Read my Swedish article about Johari window
  • Read the Swedish book ”Mia Törnbloms samlade tankar om självkänsla” (can be found at Bokus or Adlibris)


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Pysselbok för den stressade - Andreas Piirimets föreläser om stress